Module fun

52nd Street Grab, pt. 2

in attendance:
Drake Althine
Nathan Dark
Nigel McBragg

Fade in on the crew Combing the neighborhood around the Joel estate for the signature to no avail.

The week passes with no other incidents or evidence of temporal signatures in the area. The week is spent prepping for the concert. Saturday comes and we descend on the arena looking for any sign of a temporal beacon every box and person in the road crew gets checked and the arena is again checked from top to bottom.
The concert begins and the first set goes off without a hitch. During the break Nathan begins to feel a similar energy to the beacons emanating from the men’s restroom at the back of the arena. Nathan alerts the others and moves to investigate. When he reaches the restroom the door is glowing. He draws his dessert eagle and kicks in the door yelling “Freeze!” the room is empty except for a very indignant middle aged Englishman.
Nathan says “get on the floor.”
“ Sir that floor is disgusting.”
“get down!”
Nathan uses a wind blast to knock the man off his feet. As Nathan starts to reach for him to do a mind scan he mentions “lady Gaga” and total stuns Nathan. Stuns him so bad in fact that he reflexivly pulls the trigger on the dessert eagle and shoots himself in the foot. This of coarse breaks his shock and he heals himself. The Englishman introduces himself as a doctor and offers to help only to find that there is no wound. He rationalizes that Nathan must have just grazed himself despite all the blood on the floor. Nathan decides to take him back to the stage and see what Drake and the others think.
At the next break Drake begins questioning Nathan about Nigel. Just then The Professor rings Nathans cell phone(which Nigel tries to use to prove that they aren’t in the past.) to inform the team that the Russian Pianist has been found. Unfortunately he had already been fused with a many armed Demon. He was still a fantastic pianist and could play many keyboards at once but now had an inconvenient thirst for blood and destruction. Nathan explains about Nigel and she immediately starts yelling at an assistant on her end that the portal had gone very wrong. Nathan informs Drake and they both try to give Nigel an on the fly introduction to the Secret War that he has fallen into. To very little success. Nigel continues to believe that everyone is crazy or drugged or trying to deceive him in some way.

It’s at this point Drake notices a security guard in the audience who has a familiar but out of place/time side arm. A bureau 9(?). No, there seem to be several of them spread around the arena. Nathan sends Kat out to see if she can pickpocket one of them to be sure. She gets a little cocky after the first success and gets a total of four more and replaces them with bananas. She brings one back to Nathan and conspicuously holds on to the others. Nathan passes his Glock 18 to Nathan. “You may need this soon.” almost on cue, Drake smells smoke coming from another of the stadium restrooms and the crowd nearest to it begins to panic. The stampede is on. Gun fire from the parking lot and the crowd meets a return wave trying to push back in. and the bellow of a gorilla can be heard from outside. “you shot my hat AGAIN!!!!” and Boom Shaka Laka pushes into the area followed by his crew fighting a rearguard action against what appear to be jumping android-like creatures that are assimilating anyone they can inject. “ do I smell Bananas?” Shaka asks no-one in particular. Nathan throws up a wind blast screen around the stage to push back the crowd from over running them. The crew grabs Mr. Joel and starts to head for the stage exit when a Bureau Sargent blocks the way with several guards. The Sargent sends his goons at Drake en mass and Drake finishes them off in two swings. Nathan sends a fire blast at one of the numerous bouncing creatures as they swarm into the building. Nigel fires at the Bureau Sargent at the same time as Drake kicks him and the Sargent bursts into flames. Nathan turns the wind screen into a burning ash screen and turns it out over the crowd catching several Benjis in mid air. A security guard fires repeatedly and Shaka screams “You Shot My Hat To PIECES!!!!! and arms and legs flew. The monkey crew then begins grabbing Benjis and throwing or lifting them into the burning ash screen.

The Sargent is down and Nigel stabilizes him. The Sargent sneezes and a mechanical worm bug is dislodged and attempts to get to Nigel. Drake captures it in a metal case. Mr Joel is whisked away and the sound of sirens can be heard in the distance. The professor sends another portal to retrieve the Sargent and the future tech. The crew is escorted back to the professors lab and Nigel is shown around. He is still trying to rationalize his situation but is beginning to come around. Arrangements are made to return us all to our headquarters in Hong Kong and to make certain that Nigel’s date gets home safely from the Lady Gaga concert that he mistakenly got taken from. Momo is ecstatic that he is going to be able to drive Nigels Jag and set up his cover story in New York.

Fade out on the team returning to a comfortable manse in Hong Kong and letting Nigel pick an empty bedroom.



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