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Blood and Sand, part II

As Ian is ushered up to the Imperial box, Young Dometian excuses himself and disappears into the interior of the stadium. Almost immediately 20 archers stand up out of the crowd and draw bows at the Emperor and Titus and five of the tattooed citizens stand up with AK-47 machine guns. Hamilton and Nathan exchange a look of shared anger. The Professor would definitely hear about this when they returned home. Hamilton rushes to protect the Emperor and Titus. Cat begins attempting to get Titus to “get her to safety” by pulling him towards the exit. As the adventurers had been disarmed before gaining entry to the box Hamilton is forced to grab a sword from one of the guards fleeing with the Emperor. Nathan dives for the cover of the box wall and lays hands to the railing casting Firestorm through the railing to create a shield that deflects the arrows. The Firestorm takes the Tattooed by surprise and they hold back, at which point Drake recognises the Tattoo as a pledge marking for the Ascended.
As the Archers realise that bows will be in-effective they drop them and draw their swords.
Nathan miscalculates and instead of rotating the shield out towards the attackers it tilts back towards the interior of the box. fortunately no one is burned.
The machine gunners turn their weapons on Hamilton and miss with two separate volleys in a display of true ineptitude.
Cat continues to Cajole Titus into taking her to safety and is beginning to succeed.
Having no ranged weapons Hamilton throws the sword at a machine gunner and expertly skewers him burying the sword to the hilt. As Hamilton again finds himself unarmed He dives over the railing towards the fallen machine gunner, burning a toe in the process of clearing the firestorm.
Apparently the Pledged determine that the approaching archers/swordsmen are a larger threat and turn their guns against them and the fleeing crowd behind them. The Arena is in complete pandemonium at this point with citizens jumping from the stand into the sands of the race track in attempt to get away from the apparent eruption of greek fire and the loud death stick magic of the Pledged.
With the change of target, the Pledged seal their fate. Hamilton is able to grab the downed Ak and show them how they were designed to work, killing two with the ease of a well trained gunman.
nathan finally gets the Firestorm under control and dispel the side closest to Hamilton and rotate the remaining side out into the stands incinerating the remaining Pledged gunmen along with some trampled crowd members.
In an attempt to cleans the time line Nathan and Hamilton gather the AKs and Ammunition distributing one to Ian(who finally forges through the retreating Emperor’s guards in the hallway) one to Hamilton and one to Nathan. The remaining guns, bodies, and other evidence of future tech are incinerated by Tavi and Nathan.

The adventurers are summoned to the Palace to be rewarded for their valor in saving the Emperor’s life. as one would expect the banquet is lavish and decadent with many of the upper class in attendance. The Emperor demands to know exactly what happened and Nathan asks if he would like the very bad news or the bad news or the good news first. The Emperor says to start with the very bad news. Nathan explains that Prince Dometian was apparently responsible for the First attempt on the Emperors life, the archers. The Emperor is furious and declares Dometian a wanted man and decrees that if he is not killed before he escapes the city he is to be Shunned by everyone and denied Hospitality across the Empire. “May he end his days as a Beggar or Starve!”
Nathan continues with the bad news. There is a faction working against the empire who apparently recognise each other by their tattoos. At which point Nathan produces the swatch of skin Kira removed from the attacker in the baths and shows the Emperor. He begins to show signs of being repulsed and ill so Nathan puts it away. The Emperor then asks for the good news. Nathan then declares that the good news of course is that the band of adventures was able to uncover and foil the plots against the emperor. The Emperor is amused and the crowd laughs. The Emperor then presents the crew with a set of solid silver tripods about 1-2" high. The crowd gasps in awe leading Nathan to believe that this reward is highly praised. Nathan lays it on extremely thick denying the greatness of their deeds as “only the duty of any loyal citizen of the empire to protect their Emperor”. The Emperor Vespasian is pleased by the words but makes the adventurers take the tripods as an addition to a “simpler” request put forward by Nathan. Let the adventurers put on a performance in the small throne room in the Emperors honor. Titus recognizes the room as the room we had first met and partied with him. the Emperor does intervene between Titus and Cat referencing his plans for a much higher marriage. Later that evening the adventurers and the upper ranks of the crowd move the party to the smaller chamber when Vespasian takes the throne while Tavi produces illusory dancing girls and jugglers to entertain him. The ritual of attunement is conducted and the adventures take control of the Temple of Vesta feng shui site.

Thus ends this Episode of Moose and Squir….uh… our adventuring team!


You have earned your 3 xp for the notes you took.

Blood and Sand, part II

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