Module fun

In the midnight hour he Screamed Help

Nigel has hired a gourmet chef, Butler, Housekeeper, some maids, an old man gardner (Guiding Hand)
Kids are not happy the chef keeps taking their mcdonalds bags away. Boom Chaka Laka is staying at the house. Nathan convinced the chef to make burgers and fries.
Drake has been training and meditating at the Eating Counter.
Nathan has made metal cards and wax balls
Professor opens portal to London 1981 in the living room. Nathan , Ian and Thomas go in suits. Drake goes as a Punk and they are part of the specialized security detail. Woman was setting up the lighting on the stage
Thomas is one of the living arts pieces on the stage for the show
Nathan is on back stage duty. Ian is on stage door duty. Drake is working the crowd. Billy Idol shows up giving makeup direction.
During the mosh pit someone complained about one of the jammers bumped into someone and drake stopped the fight by grabbing the guy who was starting trouble and telling him to drop the tude.
Thorhalla is introduced to her Fathers latest attempt to marry her off to Cronkzilla the Journeyman Blacksmith. Ugly and dumb about everything but blacksmithing. Escaping to the Privy there is a flash into the Billy Idol concert. Drake talks to her trying to explain to her that she is not in 1850 anymore.
Modified Gibbering Marauder comes out of the lights grabbing the technician. Drake Leaps from the mosh pit to the stage grabbing the tentacle. Nathan sends a lightning surge that shocks it, forcing it to release the technician. Drake then kicks the horror staggering it. Nathan surging the power through it again. Thomas shoots the horror. Police storm in in both the front and back doors. Telling everyone to get down.
Ian recognizes that they are carrying guns which London cops don’t have. Ian shoots 2 of them. The marauder attempts to hit Drake with a beam weapon. Boom Chaka Laka’s hat is shot by the buro cops and he goes berserk tearing them apart.
A conjured axe hits the horror then drake Kills it the technician says he killed her baby. Drake tells the Technician to leave. She says she has her mission. A fog rises up and Nathan flies Billy and the guitarist out. The police come in and Drake gets the team out and brings out Thorhalla and they escape to the Professor’s Lab. They start explaining about the new world she is in.



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