Module fun

Monkeys and Piano

James Kent – Drake Althine
Mike DeMeritt – Nathan Darke
John Gilfillan – Sir Ian McGregor
Penelope McFadin – Thomas Jefferson Smith
Laura Gilfillan – Kat
The fight for Studio 54 and the musical talent continues.
Sir Ian and Kat got back home and the kids were watching MTV and Robert Michael Van Winkle is performing with a Lawrence Welk type orchestra. Thinking about it the person looks familiar but does not recognize the name until he realized that he knew the performer as Vanilla Ice. Deciding to go check with the Prof about what is going on. And see Charo Leading a Conga Line in the Lab. The Prof sends them to join the others in the 70’s. Sir Ian in a Leisure Suit and Kat is in a gold Cat Suit. Arriving on the scene Thomas briefs them as to what is going on while everyone is outside.
Drake and the Jammers kill the Demons. Nathan fries the Electrical system in the place. Drake and Boom-Chaka-Laka talk and they decide that they need to work together to find Sin Chang who kidnapped Serena Ferlan. Drake tells the DJ to leave. They split a Banana and agree that they will work together despite differences in opinions.
Kat is stealing dropped purses and stuff. Getting about 100 bucks, Quaaludes, some Pot, and Cocaine . Before the police arrive the Jammers and our team head out. They finds a diner to talk and find out that Sabrina Ferran and her band were performing in the future and her band started having problems and the guys in the White Coats came and grabbed them. Billy Idol is supposed to be grabbed in 1981 and Billy Joel is to be grabbed right now. Billy Joel and Entourage enter the diner. Boom Chaka Laka sends over an order of Banana Milk Shakes. Nathan goes over and lets Mr. Joel know about a threat to him and we are now his extra protection.


Thank you, take your 3 points

Monkeys and Piano

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