Module fun

Musical Chairs

Thomas Jefferson Smith’s rendition of events since the adventure in the Ancient Roman Empire.

I came back to his futuristic apartment in the strange world of the 21st century with a few of his companions only to discover things were not well and had been getting steadily worse in their absence. Drake was his usual surly self complaining as he usually did about how much he hated time travel. The professor’s historian ran up to the intrepid group and told us something was amiss in time. He handed us a long list of names, many of whom I didn’t know anything about. We went to work researching our own notes and a few I recognized as being musicians from my own time. I had built a collection of 19th century music and many of those names were those I had collected recordings for. Drake was grumbling, “I know who is responsible for this, The Architects.” I asked, “Alright, who are they?” He went on about some sort of dictator who was doing some “genetic cleansing” as he put it. Some sort of man named Hitler or Hister or something who did stuff to Jews during the earlier part of the 20th century. I need to look that one up too. He claims these Architects are responsible for those as well. The historian told us that some place called “Studio 54” had disappeared as well. All these musicians who have gone missing are have sting musicians. We leave and go to the professor’s lab and one of the missing musicians shows up. This lady Charo brings her guitar and she was very talented. The world has lost a wonderful talent.
Drake suggests we track down what’s happened to Studio 54 and see what’s happened to it in the year 1970’s. He puts on this ridiculous outfit with elevated shoes and outrageous colors. Nathan shows up in a turtle neck sweater and a jacket. At least he has some taste. The professor gives him a NYPD Badge for whatever reason. I just leave on my waistcoat and jacket. That seems to be a style that is universal for most the 20th century according to my research.
We make it through the portal and find ourselves in the back of the line to some sort of club. Drake has the outrageous npc dressed in drag on his arm.
Nathan tried to dance an well he’s not doing all that well. He slips and falls on those terrible platform shoes. I thought those went out in the 1810’s.
Drake and Nathan notice someone dressed in the most colorful robes handing out what looks like cocaine to a few of the prostitutes and I realized he must be the owner. I realize they didn’t mention this Studio was a famous brothel. Nathan goes up to someone to complain, I have no idea why. I guess he doesn’t frequent many of these places. The girls were certainly clad for the occasion. I go up to Nathan and ask where the cocaine is being sold. He gave me the most odd look and told me that the gentleman in the colorful coat wasn’t the owner after all.
One of the Lotus eaters, these gentlemen in Chinese clothing cuts a lady’s throat on the dancefloor. Nathan immediately heals her and attempted to take out the china man. That’s when a fight broke out between the 4 of us and his Chinese friends. Drake brags about how he’s going to put his fist through all these thugs. Nathan was successful in healing the lady. But now we had a small army of angry china men to deal with. I pulled out my trust Colt. It was the only weapon I could easily conceal in my waistcoat. Drake indeed put his fist though someone and the man dropped to the floor. That man is scary. Drake turns and glances around the room. He literally pounces at another chinaman. He leaps a good 50 feet at the man, I don’t think Drake is human and kicks the living daylights out of him. I realize I may not have time to even use the colt at this rate. Two of the chinamen burst into flames when they fall. A group of apes walk in to their own music theme and dressed to the nines. So this “Chimp Pimp” comes in with his ape friends and they look at Nathan and Drake look at them and turn to me and say, “We need to get the patrons out of here!” So I went to work evacuating the brothel.
Nathan yells he’s going to pull a “vacuum” and proceeds to suck the air out of the fires on the dance floor. At this point the fire suppression system came on and it was raining all over us inside. Nathan waves his hand and the air whooshes out the fires. Drake now takes his turn and walks out in front of the apes. The other Sorcerers take hostages. The dressed chimp blocks their way and keeps them in the building. Fortunately I had already gotten most the patrons out the back door. Drake slams a few of the Sorcerers together and their heads catch on fire! He realize that they were dealing with something called Popcorn demons. They get up and start fighting again. Drake turns to Nathan and tells him, “Nathan, kill them!”
I was at this point, outside trying desperately to calm the crowd. They began to ask me questions about what was going on. I had no really good answers other than demons and apes fighting it out with my magical compatriots. I try hard to assure them they were now safe and I tell them my friends are at this moment, taking care of things inside. I soon realize I wasn’t going to make it back inside to help my friends any time soon. Drake managed to break the necks of two more demons while I was outside. I finally calm the ladies enough and dash back inside with my trusty colt. I make my way to try and find the water cut off. Drake stopped me and yells out to shoot the demons. I take one out with my colt. He goes and uses his strength to take out two more demons.



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