Module fun

Wedding + aftershocks

In which Thomas and Thor halla are married, and a hat is destroyed.

The night starts with Nigel being picked by an Ape Pimpin order to catch up with the rest of the gang on boatman’s world. The twins are left in the care of chef. We can only hope that the home is in one piece when all return.
Thorhalla tries on her wedding gown, a pale pink color, wrought with fine lace, which Momo clearly considers a work of art.
Nigel Hooks up with Drake and gets caught up on current events.
Ian plays paparazzi deflection, referring them to the waiting list of purgatory.
Thorhalla, meanwhile is coming down with a serious case of wedding jitters. Momo does his best to calm her, letting her know that he will make sure she is alright.
Thorhalla- “By Frigga’s tits, help me!”
Before the wedding an entire squad of apes show up for support, using watch gizmos to stay disguised.
The wedding begins, Thomas awaits his bride, Thorhalla, who is given away by Momo. Momo then takes his seat and proceeds to weep inconsolably, overwrought by the tide of emotions.
After a somewhat odd ceremony “Do you Thomas taks Thorhalla as your fellow consumer, to shop till you drop with?” the wedding party is led by a female thumper to the wedding reception, Ian attempts to get the thumper to play some Wagnerian opera by giving her a cd, Meanwhile everyone attempts to muscle through the atrocious crime committed by the chef’s of boatman’s world (They called it dinner, we called it war crimes).
Another thumper arrives playing country, and Thomas attempts to teach Thorhalla square dancing. In the middle of things the original thumper comes back with a shredded CD, and playing flight of the valkyries. Thorhalla starts dancing with Thomas in what she calls Traditional icelandic dancing. There is much slapping involved evidently. The thumpers begin to fight to be heard and drake is forced to threaten the country thumper.
Thomas eventually tosses thorhalla over his shoulder and takes her up to their room where slapping continues. Devirginizing is commenced, steam powered sex toys are broken out, and new one are improvised. cookies are clicked. There is some interruption when momo shows up with champagne for the couple. Thomas suspects monkey business, finagles the truth about sedatives in the drinks out of momo, and throws him out. Momo continues attempts to serenade the couple through the door. Storyteller declares “we are not RPing sex”. Use of puppets is offered, “Hey, Thorhalla, wanna see my steam powered….”, Thorhalla mentions her slits in underpants…..
And a good time was had by all.
While the honeymoon suite is occupied Drake and co. proceed to set up explosives through out boatman’s world. Security is evidently not paid enough to notice.
Off to Cuba.
Thorhalla worries about not being able to walk to the boat.
Three hours after departure, boatman’s world goes boom. News declares it was a planned demolition to make way for remodeling. Somewhere out there some unlucky person was crushed by a Boatman’s ear, one of many pieces of the gigantic bust to rain down afterwards.
Thora mentions she was once crushed by a falling head, and also claims to be pure as the driven slush…..
Boomshakalaka shows off his new hat which is larger and more extravagant and pimptastic than ever, his old hat having been lost to enemy pursuit.

Arrival on cuba is greeted by a military squad marching by, which then goes charging off after Dr Diablos men, who have been reported over the next hill.Thomas recharges the apes watches as the rest of the group decides they must rescue Dr. Diablos minions if they want an interview. The military squad goes down like a house of cards, as Drake takes out groups of them 4 at a time. Boom’s hat is an early casualty, causing him to go apeshite. The last three soldiers surrender, but Booms is only stopped by Thorhalla summoning bananas to soothe his savage ape. and the group is led off, prisoners in tow to meet Dr. Diablo. Real food is enjoyed by all as they are led deeper in to Dr. Diablos, lair, though the provenance of the meat should perhaps remain unquestioned. Propositions fly as the group enters the redlight district, and Thorhalla and Thomas go off to enjoy a private show. Wink wink, nudge, nudge. dont’cha know?
Boom gets very drunk at the bar as he goes from the last of the bananas to banana flavoured alcohol. Boom is plastered in short order. That ape can’t hold his rum. Momo shows up with lots of hats for Boom.



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