Module fun

Wedding Planning Blues

After decimating their opponents on Professional Combat Shopping Drake, Nathan and Ian are asking if they are going to rotate through the other combat shopping shows while this one is on hiatus. This offer is politely declined.
As the wedding planner approaches Throhalla and Thomas for planning their “Wedding”. She does ask for the wedding approval form that is required. As Thomas and Thorhalla stall with other details Drake makes a call to the Prof. The prof face palms upon hearing about their escapades. The Prof arranges the approval form and says it is on it’s way to them. She also arranges for Boom Chaka Laka to meet us in Florida for Drake’s Parting present to Boatman World.
Momo arrives to Thorhalla exclaiming “What in the name of Loki’s balls is that?” Momo hands over the form and introduces himself as their agent and begins negotiating with the wedding planner, as Thorhalla explains Icelandic wedding traditions.
Upon arrival to Boatman World as the media attempts to surround the couple, Nathan and Drake take their places as the couples’ bodyguards. Ian is introduced as their secreatry. While the couple relaxes, Ian, Drake and Momo begin scouting locations for the “Wedding”. Looking through the Frozen, Medieval, Jungle Island, Haunted Mansion, and Tiki Room settings it is decided to transform a sound stage to an Icelandic Palace for the wedding and Momo takes off to begin the work.



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