Lt. Nathan Dark

Magic Cop. Keeping the supernatural out of the public eye.

Body(BOD): 6 CHI: 2 Mind(MND): 7 Reflexes(REF): 8
Move(MOV): 6 Fortune(FOR): 2 Charisma(CHA) 7 Agility(AGL): 8
Strength(STR): 6 Kung Fu(FU): 2 Intelligence(INT): 7 Dexterity(DEX): 8
Constitution(CON): 6 Magic(MAG): 8 Perception(PER): 7 Speed(SPD): 8
Toughness(TGH): 6 Willpower(WIL): 7

Unused Experience: 17
Spent Experience: 35

skill Base Bonus AV
Guns Dex 8 7 15
info/occult Int 7 7 14
Police Per 7 3 10
Sorcery Mag 8 5 13
Driving Dex 8 2 10
Intrusion Agl 8 2 10
Martial Arts Agl 8 2 10
info/Warfare Int 7 2 9
info/Geomancy int 7 0 7

No Juncture penalty for Sorcery.
Geomancers mirror +2 dodge

TrueForm(magic cop special)
1. Summoning
2. Heal
3. Blast lightning/ Wind/ Burning Ash
4. Movement
Eagle Eye
Hair Trigger Neckhairs

Desert Eagle .50 cal 12/3/9+1
Glock 18 10/1/17+1
Machine gun(AK-47) 13**/5/30
bureau 9 10/1/17+1
Sword & shield


5’10" tall. Black hair. Green eyes. Classic martial artist build.

After his parents were killed in a plane crash Nathan was raised by his maternal grandfather. his grandfather had sworn off violence after his time in WW2 and became a shaolin monk. Nathan was raised in the monastery where he learned much about the occult and martial arts. But his grandfather never wanted him to become a monk. He was sent away to college in england(where his father was from) and received a degree in Criminal Justice from the Royal Naval Academy and do a six year tour as an officer in the British Navy. He then returned to Hong Kong and joined the police force

Moving up through the ranks Nathan distinguished himself as an “odd bird” that wasn’t phased by the weirder stuff. Which soon earned him his rank of Police Lieutenant currently assigned to the “Unexplained” division of the Hong Kong Police Force. Tasked with reducing the public panic surrounding unexplained/occult occurrences.

His police partner disappeared in a suspicious/magical way.(apartment trashed/evidence of mystic involvement{doors locked from inside,slime on floor[ectoplasm?]})
was partner target or otherwise involved?

Partner in Cat’s Eye Security(1/3 interest with Kat and Hamilton{Hamilton is now managing the business full-time})
Partner in the “eating Counter” site.

Favorite Quote
“Let’s Erase this”

Lt. Nathan Dark

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