Ram Lau

Ex-Shaolin Monk


“We must put an end to that sorcerer’s plot and regain our honor, father!”

Bod 7 (Str 9), Chi 0 (Fu 6), Mnd 5, Ref 7.
Medicine 7, Martial Arts 12, Info/Philosophy 7.
Crane stance, Fire strike.
Fist (10), Kick (11).
Big muscled arms, Chinese haircut, young and brash.

Juncture: 1850


Being the youngest son of a big family, Lau has grown up with the feeling that he was a good-for-nothing. As a result, he always seemed to show off and try to prove his worth. Back in China, his father sent him to the local temple to learn commitment and patience. This seemed to work until one day at the market when he spotted Chen, his childhood love, being hassled by a German captain. A fight broke out and he killed the scoundrel. They were forced to flee to America along with their families.

Once there, Chen grew angry towards him and told him she wouldn’t see him again. One year after, she married a young Irishman named Sean McDonald. The only thing Lau wants now is his father’s trust.

Ram Lau

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