Thomas Jefferson Smith

Engineer and Adventurer from 19th Century San Francisco.


Feng Shui Character Sheet
Character: Thomas Jefferson Smith
Player: Penelope McFadin
Character Archetype: Techie
Wealth:Working Stiff
Experience: 25 points for 7/19/2014
Melodramatic Hook:
Stolen Invention
Physical Description:


Body (BOD): 6 CHI (CHI): 0 Mind (MND): 8 Reflexes (REF): 7
Move (MOV): Fortune (FOR): 1 Charisma (CHA): Agility (AGL):
Strength (STR): Kung Fu (FU): Intelligence (INT): Dexterity (DEX):
Constitution (CON): Magic (MAG): Perception (PER): Speed (SPD):
Toughness (TGH): Willpower (WIL):


Skill Name Base Bonus Action Value
Driving 7 +10 15
Fix-It 8 +10 15
Guns 7 +6 13
Info/Science 8 +4 12
Info/ Military Hardware 8 +1 9
Martial Arts 7 +2 10


Shtick Name Shtick Notes
Unique: There it is You always have the right item on hand. When you pull at tool or gadget item spend a fortune point and you got it.


Weapon Name Weapon Notes
Colt King Cobra 11/3/6
Fireman’s Axe 12
B. Avenger 11/2/6
Grenade Launcher 20/5/6
Vulcan 14/-/100
2 blades of Truth 10/3/20
4 b. 9’s 10/1/17 (+1)

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Thomas Jefferson Smith was born in Virginia in 1823 and made his way west seeking fortune in California in 1849. He was trained as a steam engineer for early steam ships and experimented in breaking edge steam technology.

Thomas Jefferson Smith

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