Module fun

52nd Street Grab

in attendance:
Thomas Jefferson Smith
Drake Althine
Lt. Nathan Dark
Ian McGregor

scene opens in the diner from last episode.
Billy Joel asks “what’s up with the monkey in the pimp suit?”
Nathan Replies “We just came from Studio 54.”
Thomas pipes up " that’s one of the best brothels i’ve ever been in."
“Brothel?” asks Billy.
Nathan Jibes at Thomas, “Only some of us need to pay for it.”
laughs are shared around the table and conversation moves on to more pressing topics.
Billy asks “How long do you think the Protection will last?”
“around the clock for no longer than a week I would guess.” replies Nathan. “we are pretty sure they’ll make a move soon.”
Billy makes a brothel joke and Thomas replies with an odd comment(my notes are lacking the details….anyone remember?) prompting Billy to ask, "Is he always this weird?
Nathan quips, “Historically?….Yes.” knowing laughter passes among the group, Billy and his crew join in.
Boom Chaka Laka asks anyone if they want another round of banana shakes. Thomas says yes.
Billy leans in and asks if the monkey is addicted to bananas!
Nathan replies “Naturally”
Billy asks if they plan to take off the monkey suits before we continue to his place. Nathan explains that there was a mix up when they were applying the prosthetics and they used the wrong glue, something called crazy glue instead of rubber cement, so it might be a while before they could get them out of the suits. not to worry, they know their business and are perfectly capable of working in the suits anyway.

The story transitions to Mr Joel’s home in NJ. Mr and Mrs Joel decide to turn in for the night and Thomas takes the first “in room” shift. Drake steps outside to “phone” the Professor and Ian follows to watch his back. The Boom Chaka Laka’s crew is set to watch the outside of the house and Nathan begins an interior check of all the doors and windows.
The Professor gave Drake a rundown of several musicians that had been “retrieved” with manipulations:
June Carter- had a zipper on her head with apparent internal additions.
Bill Monroe- also had the zipper treatment.
Bessie Smith- was an apparent victim of genetic surgery.
She also informed him that Dick Clark had just been taken in Philadelphia. She had already dispatched several other teams to the Grand ole Opry, the Hollywood bowl, the Kennedy Center and Madison Square Garden. When Drake and Ian return they fill in Nathan and the decision is made to move the investigation to the studio in Philly come morning. The night passes uneventfully. When Billy wakes up, we let him know about Dick and ask him to go with us to Philly to check for clues. He agrees and we leave the Boom Boom crew to guard the perimeter.

When we arrive at the Studios in Philadelphia the place is in lockdown. The Security guard looks at Nathan’s NYPD badge and states, “You’re a little out of your Jurisdiction aren’t you?”
Nathan replies, “There is no jurisdiction when it comes to kidnappings of National importance. Our department has jurisdiction on everything that’s unexplained like these circumstances.”
“Oh, National Security. gotcha.” (I just love when people jump to conclusions.)“but why don’t you have federal badges?”
“Our office is in New York City. The investigation kinda morphed and dragged us here. The NYPD is a cover so we don’t arouse suspicion.”
Drake adds, “our Federal credentials are being couriered to us as Mr Joel’s now.”

The Guard gives us a tour of the damaged studio, it looks like godzilla tore through the room. He states that three employees were killed in the attack and describes the security team that help escort Mr Clark to safety. Drake recognises the description as Bureau Mill Agents and informs the rest of us. The guard shows us the area where they were last seen. he thinks it odd that this area was also where the creature was first spotted. there is a large blank wall. Nathan scans for magic but the arcano-wave tech is different enough that he can’t pinpoint anything. We ask to see all the New hires within the last few weeks. The guard says there are 7 surviving and one that was killed last night.

Thomas begins entertaining the Joel’s and some Studio exec’s with intricate small clockwork powered devices that he pulls from his carpet bag(that bag seems to have an endless supply of useful stuff for almost any occasion) while Ian and Kat look for clues in the wreckage.

When the new hires arrive Drake watches them as Nathan takes each one individually to a small office and “interrogates” them. Nathan tries to catch each one off guard as they start the interview and mindscan them with a sorcerous touch. Nathan subtly makes sure that each realises that he knows what they were thinking and what he discovers in the scan.(all the better to get truthful answers to the usual cop questions) One guy is so boring he is Red Flag level boring(could he be using sorcery to mask his thoughts?) after a reexamination Nathan determines that “No… his life really is just that boring?”(head-desk)

Drake and Kat reinvestigate the wall looking for anywhere the beacon might have been placed. Kat succeeds in Blinding herself with a spotlight that was partially unplugged and flashes her in the face as she moves it. Drake discovers something near the top of the wall that might have been where the beacon was stuck on the wall. Nathan confirms the energy signature and the decision is made to return to the Joel home.

On the ride back Billy suggests that we stop at the venue he will be playing on Saturday to do an inspection. when we arrive the security for the venue is very helpful. showing us the camera surveillance room and all the entrances and exits. Kat and Ian are sent to use their skills to identify any areas that could be potential non-conventional entrances or ambush points inside the arena and look for any tech that didn’t look like it belonged.
Nathan asked Thomas if he had a gadget that would help him disguise the fact that he was using magic to look for any energy signature matching the arcano-wave tech from Philadelphia. Thomas immediately pulls a strange device from his coat that looks like a cross between a star-trek scanner and a steampunk era divining rod.(damn that skill is useful) Nathan starts walking around the stage looking at the device(with no idea what it is or what it’s actually detecting) and uses sorcery to detect any trace of the energy. Nothing in the arena. However there is a faint signature coming from a few miles away. Nathan and Drake ask the supervisor for names and addresses of any new hires for the arena and an area map. looking at the map it dawns on us that the signature appears to be emanating from somewhere very near(or at) Billy Joel’s home………Damn. fade to black.

Monkeys and Piano

James Kent – Drake Althine
Mike DeMeritt – Nathan Darke
John Gilfillan – Sir Ian McGregor
Penelope McFadin – Thomas Jefferson Smith
Laura Gilfillan – Kat
The fight for Studio 54 and the musical talent continues.
Sir Ian and Kat got back home and the kids were watching MTV and Robert Michael Van Winkle is performing with a Lawrence Welk type orchestra. Thinking about it the person looks familiar but does not recognize the name until he realized that he knew the performer as Vanilla Ice. Deciding to go check with the Prof about what is going on. And see Charo Leading a Conga Line in the Lab. The Prof sends them to join the others in the 70’s. Sir Ian in a Leisure Suit and Kat is in a gold Cat Suit. Arriving on the scene Thomas briefs them as to what is going on while everyone is outside.
Drake and the Jammers kill the Demons. Nathan fries the Electrical system in the place. Drake and Boom-Chaka-Laka talk and they decide that they need to work together to find Sin Chang who kidnapped Serena Ferlan. Drake tells the DJ to leave. They split a Banana and agree that they will work together despite differences in opinions.
Kat is stealing dropped purses and stuff. Getting about 100 bucks, Quaaludes, some Pot, and Cocaine . Before the police arrive the Jammers and our team head out. They finds a diner to talk and find out that Sabrina Ferran and her band were performing in the future and her band started having problems and the guys in the White Coats came and grabbed them. Billy Idol is supposed to be grabbed in 1981 and Billy Joel is to be grabbed right now. Billy Joel and Entourage enter the diner. Boom Chaka Laka sends over an order of Banana Milk Shakes. Nathan goes over and lets Mr. Joel know about a threat to him and we are now his extra protection.

Musical Chairs

Thomas Jefferson Smith’s rendition of events since the adventure in the Ancient Roman Empire.

I came back to his futuristic apartment in the strange world of the 21st century with a few of his companions only to discover things were not well and had been getting steadily worse in their absence. Drake was his usual surly self complaining as he usually did about how much he hated time travel. The professor’s historian ran up to the intrepid group and told us something was amiss in time. He handed us a long list of names, many of whom I didn’t know anything about. We went to work researching our own notes and a few I recognized as being musicians from my own time. I had built a collection of 19th century music and many of those names were those I had collected recordings for. Drake was grumbling, “I know who is responsible for this, The Architects.” I asked, “Alright, who are they?” He went on about some sort of dictator who was doing some “genetic cleansing” as he put it. Some sort of man named Hitler or Hister or something who did stuff to Jews during the earlier part of the 20th century. I need to look that one up too. He claims these Architects are responsible for those as well. The historian told us that some place called “Studio 54” had disappeared as well. All these musicians who have gone missing are have sting musicians. We leave and go to the professor’s lab and one of the missing musicians shows up. This lady Charo brings her guitar and she was very talented. The world has lost a wonderful talent.
Drake suggests we track down what’s happened to Studio 54 and see what’s happened to it in the year 1970’s. He puts on this ridiculous outfit with elevated shoes and outrageous colors. Nathan shows up in a turtle neck sweater and a jacket. At least he has some taste. The professor gives him a NYPD Badge for whatever reason. I just leave on my waistcoat and jacket. That seems to be a style that is universal for most the 20th century according to my research.
We make it through the portal and find ourselves in the back of the line to some sort of club. Drake has the outrageous npc dressed in drag on his arm.
Nathan tried to dance an well he’s not doing all that well. He slips and falls on those terrible platform shoes. I thought those went out in the 1810’s.
Drake and Nathan notice someone dressed in the most colorful robes handing out what looks like cocaine to a few of the prostitutes and I realized he must be the owner. I realize they didn’t mention this Studio was a famous brothel. Nathan goes up to someone to complain, I have no idea why. I guess he doesn’t frequent many of these places. The girls were certainly clad for the occasion. I go up to Nathan and ask where the cocaine is being sold. He gave me the most odd look and told me that the gentleman in the colorful coat wasn’t the owner after all.
One of the Lotus eaters, these gentlemen in Chinese clothing cuts a lady’s throat on the dancefloor. Nathan immediately heals her and attempted to take out the china man. That’s when a fight broke out between the 4 of us and his Chinese friends. Drake brags about how he’s going to put his fist through all these thugs. Nathan was successful in healing the lady. But now we had a small army of angry china men to deal with. I pulled out my trust Colt. It was the only weapon I could easily conceal in my waistcoat. Drake indeed put his fist though someone and the man dropped to the floor. That man is scary. Drake turns and glances around the room. He literally pounces at another chinaman. He leaps a good 50 feet at the man, I don’t think Drake is human and kicks the living daylights out of him. I realize I may not have time to even use the colt at this rate. Two of the chinamen burst into flames when they fall. A group of apes walk in to their own music theme and dressed to the nines. So this “Chimp Pimp” comes in with his ape friends and they look at Nathan and Drake look at them and turn to me and say, “We need to get the patrons out of here!” So I went to work evacuating the brothel.
Nathan yells he’s going to pull a “vacuum” and proceeds to suck the air out of the fires on the dance floor. At this point the fire suppression system came on and it was raining all over us inside. Nathan waves his hand and the air whooshes out the fires. Drake now takes his turn and walks out in front of the apes. The other Sorcerers take hostages. The dressed chimp blocks their way and keeps them in the building. Fortunately I had already gotten most the patrons out the back door. Drake slams a few of the Sorcerers together and their heads catch on fire! He realize that they were dealing with something called Popcorn demons. They get up and start fighting again. Drake turns to Nathan and tells him, “Nathan, kill them!”
I was at this point, outside trying desperately to calm the crowd. They began to ask me questions about what was going on. I had no really good answers other than demons and apes fighting it out with my magical compatriots. I try hard to assure them they were now safe and I tell them my friends are at this moment, taking care of things inside. I soon realize I wasn’t going to make it back inside to help my friends any time soon. Drake managed to break the necks of two more demons while I was outside. I finally calm the ladies enough and dash back inside with my trusty colt. I make my way to try and find the water cut off. Drake stopped me and yells out to shoot the demons. I take one out with my colt. He goes and uses his strength to take out two more demons.

Blood and Sand, part II

As Ian is ushered up to the Imperial box, Young Dometian excuses himself and disappears into the interior of the stadium. Almost immediately 20 archers stand up out of the crowd and draw bows at the Emperor and Titus and five of the tattooed citizens stand up with AK-47 machine guns. Hamilton and Nathan exchange a look of shared anger. The Professor would definitely hear about this when they returned home. Hamilton rushes to protect the Emperor and Titus. Cat begins attempting to get Titus to “get her to safety” by pulling him towards the exit. As the adventurers had been disarmed before gaining entry to the box Hamilton is forced to grab a sword from one of the guards fleeing with the Emperor. Nathan dives for the cover of the box wall and lays hands to the railing casting Firestorm through the railing to create a shield that deflects the arrows. The Firestorm takes the Tattooed by surprise and they hold back, at which point Drake recognises the Tattoo as a pledge marking for the Ascended.
As the Archers realise that bows will be in-effective they drop them and draw their swords.
Nathan miscalculates and instead of rotating the shield out towards the attackers it tilts back towards the interior of the box. fortunately no one is burned.
The machine gunners turn their weapons on Hamilton and miss with two separate volleys in a display of true ineptitude.
Cat continues to Cajole Titus into taking her to safety and is beginning to succeed.
Having no ranged weapons Hamilton throws the sword at a machine gunner and expertly skewers him burying the sword to the hilt. As Hamilton again finds himself unarmed He dives over the railing towards the fallen machine gunner, burning a toe in the process of clearing the firestorm.
Apparently the Pledged determine that the approaching archers/swordsmen are a larger threat and turn their guns against them and the fleeing crowd behind them. The Arena is in complete pandemonium at this point with citizens jumping from the stand into the sands of the race track in attempt to get away from the apparent eruption of greek fire and the loud death stick magic of the Pledged.
With the change of target, the Pledged seal their fate. Hamilton is able to grab the downed Ak and show them how they were designed to work, killing two with the ease of a well trained gunman.
nathan finally gets the Firestorm under control and dispel the side closest to Hamilton and rotate the remaining side out into the stands incinerating the remaining Pledged gunmen along with some trampled crowd members.
In an attempt to cleans the time line Nathan and Hamilton gather the AKs and Ammunition distributing one to Ian(who finally forges through the retreating Emperor’s guards in the hallway) one to Hamilton and one to Nathan. The remaining guns, bodies, and other evidence of future tech are incinerated by Tavi and Nathan.

The adventurers are summoned to the Palace to be rewarded for their valor in saving the Emperor’s life. as one would expect the banquet is lavish and decadent with many of the upper class in attendance. The Emperor demands to know exactly what happened and Nathan asks if he would like the very bad news or the bad news or the good news first. The Emperor says to start with the very bad news. Nathan explains that Prince Dometian was apparently responsible for the First attempt on the Emperors life, the archers. The Emperor is furious and declares Dometian a wanted man and decrees that if he is not killed before he escapes the city he is to be Shunned by everyone and denied Hospitality across the Empire. “May he end his days as a Beggar or Starve!”
Nathan continues with the bad news. There is a faction working against the empire who apparently recognise each other by their tattoos. At which point Nathan produces the swatch of skin Kira removed from the attacker in the baths and shows the Emperor. He begins to show signs of being repulsed and ill so Nathan puts it away. The Emperor then asks for the good news. Nathan then declares that the good news of course is that the band of adventures was able to uncover and foil the plots against the emperor. The Emperor is amused and the crowd laughs. The Emperor then presents the crew with a set of solid silver tripods about 1-2" high. The crowd gasps in awe leading Nathan to believe that this reward is highly praised. Nathan lays it on extremely thick denying the greatness of their deeds as “only the duty of any loyal citizen of the empire to protect their Emperor”. The Emperor Vespasian is pleased by the words but makes the adventurers take the tripods as an addition to a “simpler” request put forward by Nathan. Let the adventurers put on a performance in the small throne room in the Emperors honor. Titus recognizes the room as the room we had first met and partied with him. the Emperor does intervene between Titus and Cat referencing his plans for a much higher marriage. Later that evening the adventurers and the upper ranks of the crowd move the party to the smaller chamber when Vespasian takes the throne while Tavi produces illusory dancing girls and jugglers to entertain him. The ritual of attunement is conducted and the adventures take control of the Temple of Vesta feng shui site.

Thus ends this Episode of Moose and Squir….uh… our adventuring team!

Blood and Sand, part I

The Prof. called the group together in the Netherworld. She mentioned that there was a portal found in the 69 juncture of Rome and the Lotus had found its way there. More than likely, the Lotus had already taken steps to claim the feng shui sites in Ancient Rome.

The Prof. sent them to the wardrobe department of IKTV back where they met Ma Mo Sen, the host of “Changing Caverns.” Most went as retired roman legions, Cat went as a widow, Kira went as a Turkish slave girl in burka, and Tavi went as a scholar. Our troops were guided to the netherworld portal which was guarded by the Eaters of the Lotus. After dispensing of a bunch of eunuchs, Chinese imperial soldiers, and other weirdos, our group went through the portal and found themselves in 69 AD Rome. Specifically they found themselves in the Colosseum—yes that Colosseum—in the dungeons. The guards on this side of the portal were much more easily dispensed of than the guards on the initial side of the portal.

After merging from the dungeons and into the outside world the group is confronted by a huge statue of Emperor Nero. Behind the statute is obvious that the Flavian Amphitheater is not quite finished. Part of our group stayed in the marketplace while the other part went to the Temples. It was pretty obvious that the Feng Shui was directed to the Temple of Vesta. Tavi discovers that the feng Shui is being siphoned from the temple and into the emperor’s palace. The group decides that they’re going to have to break into the emperor’s palace, and the best time to do that is at night. In the meantime, they decide to wander around the forum. The Forum Romanum has a speaking platform and a senator is clearly giving a speech on the state of the aqueducts. Other senators were gathered around listening or off in their own little groups talking to themselves. The group also sees the foreign dignitary known as Marcus Grauchis Orientalis, but they don’t approach him.

The group breaks in to the Emperor’s palace, also known as the Golden House. There’s an opulent use of gold and ivory all throughout the palace. Tavi traces the ambient chi to a small private throne room. There they find a very drunk Prince Titus, who invites them to “party” with him. Despite Cat’s dress as a widow, Titus attempt to pick her up. He is so happy to have people drink with him that he asks them to join him in the imperial box the day after tomorrow. He wanders off when he runs out of wine in search for more. Tavi discovers that for the attunement to take place properly the Emperor Vespasian himself must be sitting in that small throne while the ceremony takes place. As the group leaves, they find out that there is an evil plot to kill the Emperor and put his youngest son, Domitian on the throne via the chariot races the day after tomorrow.

Using some investigative skills, our heroes find out that most of the good charioteers are injured or out sick. The only crack driver that is competing in the chariot races is Celer. The group decides to enter their own a man into the race. Ian McGregor volunteers, and is fitted for practice. While the men are practicing, the women go and enjoy the baths. As the women are getting ready to leave the facility, the men are entering the facility and getting ready to take their baths. Kira noticed a machine gun in the ladies’ dressing room, while Nathan noticed a machine gun in the men’s dressing room. Realizing that something was amiss, our crack troop of investigators start looking around and manage to get themselves into a fight in their respective dressing rooms. Kira starts dissecting one of the attackers in the ladies room. As she does so, she finds a weird tattoo, cuts that piece of skin off, and puts it in her pocket. While this is going on, the men notice a tattoo on each of their attackers. Kira ends up taking another bath in one of the private rooms, Cat waits for her, and the men get their own baths in the public pools. Nothing much happens until the next day, Thomas Jefferson Smith outfits the chariot in such a way that it makes it easier for Ian to drive.

Every one of our group except for Ian and Thomas Jefferson Smith go to the imperial box. Of course they’re all disarmed before they are allowed in with the Emperor. Cat sits right beside Titus. In the meantime Ian and Thomas Jefferson Smith are readying themselves for the race. Ian gets out on the field, and the race starts. As soon as the race starts, the group in the imperial box notices quite a few people in the crowd have that familiar tattoo. They decide to keep an eye on the tattooed members of the crowd, all the while Ian is having his own troubles with the race.

Ian has to avoid running into the center while making sure he doesn’t run into anyone else. Celer is doing his best to slowly eliminate as many of the other charioteers as possible. After the 6th lap, the race is down to Ian and Celer. Celer does such things as trying to ram Ian’s chariot into the center wall, as well as whipping Ian’s horses. When none of this works, Celer causes his chariot to full stop making it turn over across the track. Ian nearly runs into the wrecked chariot, but barely pulled aside at the last minute. Ian was the only driver to cross the finish line. He is cheered as a hero and then told to come up to the imperial box for his reward. (And now for the next exciting adventures of Moose and Squirel…oh yeah our Feng Shui group)

It was only a dream

Our PCs were sent to go help a group in the past. They did, and went to go fight a demon, but it was only a dream. (The GM lost the adventure, but all experience earned stays.)

(The next log done by the GM will be more brief.)

McTime Trouble

Our intrepid heroes woke up the day after their party to discover that they are blocked from connecting with the Feng Shui from the Eating Counter. One half of the party went down to the Eating Counter and discovered that things had changed.

Carina Shen did not recognize them, and the Eating Counter was no longer named the Eating Counter. It was called Ming’s. Also of note, Shen Kar-Wai had been dead for a few years.

Meanwhile back at the new home, a representative from Ming’s catering division came to visit the other half of the party to make certain the party’s needs were met. One of the scrappy kids stated that the food was OK but they preferred French fries. The representative asked what a French fry was. The scrappy kid preceded to kick the representative out of the house, and began to insist that something needed to be done because there were no McDonald’s anymore.

After visiting The Prof. the party snuck through the Fire Pagoda city, into a small wine shop, and out into the basement of the Grey Raven Saloon. Everyone ran into a saloon girl as they exited out of the cellar. She screamed, Barney White—the bar owner—let our heroes know his displeasure to them coming out of his cellar, and a fight ensued. Thomas Jefferson Smith happened to be drinking in the bar at the time and was tired of Barney’s insults to minorities that had helped him greatly in the past. He joined in the fight on the side of our heroes.

After the fight, Thomas Jefferson Smith‘s friend, Weng Li-Kang, introduced himself to the party letting them know that he has been watching the portal. He tells them to meet Ram Kuei-Ling of the local Chinese dye shop. After a run by Thomas Jefferson Smith’s house/workshop for supplies, the entire group went to go meet Ram Kuei-Ling.
Thomas Jefferson Smith leads the group into newly founded Chinatown. The dye workshop is in a partially burned down hacienda. The group is led to the hacienda’s kitchen to have tea with Ram Kuei-Ling. Although polite, Ram Kuei-Ling does not see that much of a problem. He does understand how events in his time juncture affect the future. The heroes make a good impression on him and he is convinced that the McDonald’s mine is a Feng Shui site. He explains how evil sorcerers are attacking his people’s Power Centers (Feng Shui sites), many of died but the defending them, and some of the sites have been destroyed instead of being taken. Ram Kuei-Ling’s son, Lau, offers to go with them. He also offers to show our heroes the mine and lead the warriors that Ram Kuei-Ling offers the group for help.
Ram Lau explains to the group why he is helping them: he argued with the love of his life, Chen, and lost her. She later married Sean McDonald. Ram Lau is trying to earn the trust of his father, and he hopes that by helping Sean he can not only apologize to Chen, but to earn his father’s trust as well. The party ran into the typical “old prospector” with stories of a haunted mine. After disposing of two Guardians skeletons, our heroes ran into the mine.
A fight starts between the Lotus and our heroes. After disposing of one demon, the Jammers run in to try and below the mine up. With much difficulty, our heroes finally defeat the Lotus and the Jammers, rescue Chen and the McDonald Clan, and are able to access their Feng Shui site.


Shen Kar-Wai asked the party to deposit yesterday’s receipts into his bank account at the Bai Bei Shi Bank. The party knew that Bai Bei Shi Bank was a fairly large and successful bank.
One of the party of course goes to the tellers windows with a deposit slip to deposit money into Shen’s bank account. The rest of the party wandered around the lobby of the bank. Of special interest to the rest of the party was the origami dollar folder machine, and the coin dispensing machine with chutes, ladders, and ramps for the coins to wander all over the machine before finally dispensing to the customer.
Just as the party is starting to enjoy themselves, men come in and to try and rob the bank. Our intrepid heroes stop the robbery, but some do get away with some loot. Our members follow them out and into some of the black sedans that were left empty due to mooks going down.
The party tracked the robbers up to a posh house in the Victorian Peak district. After invading the house, the party got attacked by cyborg ogres. One ogre tried to carry off one of the scrappy kids, but was unsuccessful. The party finished up the cyborg ogres, and then was attacked by the people behind the attack, an arcanowave infected triad gang. After defeating this gang, the party returned the loot to the bank, the bank rewards them with a monthly income. The party buys the house, and throws a catered party. The scrappy kids start buying clothes and shoes, and go down to the local McDonald’s to gorge themselves on hamburgers, chicken nuggets, and French fries.


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